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Why work with people on the autism spectrum?

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At Remoterum we put upfront the professional abilities of high-functioning autistic people. People on the autism spectrum are excellent workers but their professional skills are often not reflected as a result of difficulties integrating into “regular” workplaces. In Remoterum we choose to put their capabilities at the center and the difficulties, such as those that are mentioned above, aside. We do that while addressing the challenges they face in the employment world. We want to show the world their professional potential and work abilities as freelancers by supplying selected services while providing quality and effective work for clients.

Why Remoterum?

Quality & effective work

We choose quality people who love their job and are good at what they do. They will provide you with excellent, effective and precise work.

Fair price

At Remoterum we respect your money. All of our work is fairly priced.

Social impact

By working with us you benefit twice – by receiving great quality work and by also doing something good for society. We promote employment among people on the autism spectrum. 15% of our profits go back to training and promoting employment for these people.

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Our services

How does it work?

Remoterum works by providing selected services to customers on the internet. The work is done online while understanding the unique needs of the employers and providing them comprehensive support along with customers service and a quick response for the sites customers.

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15% of our profits go back to training and promoting employment for people on the autism spectrum.