We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to work in the free market. We don’t do any favors by finding someone a job. As a business with profit, your work progress is just as important to us as our progress. We believe that as a business, our commitment to the service providers is higher.

Remoterum is not an employer of the service providers. At this platform we give people on the autism spectrum who want to work an opportunity to work as freelancers and provide services to potential clients that we mediate them.

We do not check that. We respect your privacy and see it as a fundamental part of your trust in us. Except for exceptional cases where intervention is required on our part.

As soon as the work is completed, a bank transfer will be made to the service provider’s account together with a receipt that will be sent by email.

Of course! We are open to hear about services in more areas. you can contact us on this in the contact form. Or click here.

You can contact us with our contact form. Or click here.

Psychologists with background and training in autism field.

We believe that working in “regular” companies is not suitable to everyone. For some people it’s best to work at their own pace from where they feel more comfortable.